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HBO Teases New Season of ‘Looking’ With Color and Smiles, But They’re Hiding Something (Video)

Comedy about dating and living in San Francisco tries to put on a happy face, but there’s more lurking beneath the surface

There are plenty of smiling men in the teaser for the upcoming second season of HBO’s “Looking,” but there’s a sadness in those smiles, and fleeting moments between them that show the contented happiness is more of a feint than a reality.

“Looking” is about a group of friends living and loving in San Francisco, but life isn’t easy. Things get complicated and messy and feelings get hurt, and sometimes a smile is hiding hurt or anger or disdain or any number of more negative emotions.

Granted, I could be extrapolating and maybe HBO is trying to just say that these guys are all so very happy, but I’m not buying it. There are moments throughout where the facade cracks and you can see glimpses of deeper emotions.

Plus, the first season certainly wasn’t about a bunch of guys just laughing and having a great time because their lives were so perfect and finding love was just so easy and everything always works out great. No, it was unpleasant and messy and uncomfortable and downright angry at times. Just like life.

Season 2 of “Looking” will probably not be all smiles when it premieres on Sunday, Jan. 11 at 10 p.m. ET on HBO.