Hillary Clinton’s Odds of Dropping Out Rise to 5/1, UK Bookmaker Says

She’s still the favorite to win the whole thing, though, William Hill notes

U.K. bookmaker William Hill is now offering 5-to-1 odds that Hillary Clinton bails on the U.S. presidential election. That translates to roughly a 16 percent chance that she pulls out of the whole thing.

Clinton is still their favorite to win our nation’s top office, however, with odds of 4-to-7. That represents about a 63 percent chance that she’ll still be the next so-called leader of the free world.

“Since the concerns about Hillary’s longterm health arose we have seen political punters coming in to back alternative potential candidates, particularly the likes of Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden,” Hill’s spokesman Graham Sharpe said today via a media release.

Meanwhile, Republican nominee Donald Trump is 11-to-8 to become the next Commander-in-Chief, per the same company. But he’s not the only right wing figure to show up in the rankings; House Speaker Paul Ryan and Ohio Gov. John Kasich also make the list.

Following Clinton’s health scare, other candidates are now being backed a bit more heavily — especially on her side of the aisle.

Below are all the odds Hill is currently offering those willing to wager.

Clinton: 4/7
Trump: 11/8
Joe Biden: 20/1
Bernie Sanders: 20/1
Tim Kaine: 33/1
Paul Ryan: 66/1
Gary Johnson: 80/1
Michael Bloomberg: 100/1
John Kasich: 200/1
Mike Pence: 200/1
Mitt Romney: 200/1
Evan McMullin: 500/1
Jill Stein: 500/1

Other long-shot candidates odds’ are apparently available on request, the bookie said on Tuesday.