Here’s How to Check If Your Facebook Data Was Leaked

Users are now able to see if they were one of the 87 million users hit by Cambridge Analytica

Here’s a reason to sign into Facebook today: to check if you were one of the 87 million people affected by the Cambridge Analytica data leak.

The social network notified users on Tuesday if they were one people who had their info unknowingly accessed by the political firm in 2014. Facebook had said last week it was going to start notifying users at the top of their News Feed on Monday, but that feature didn’t roll out.

It’s easy to see if you were impacted. Once logged-in, head to the “How can I tell if my info was shared with Cambridge Analytica?” page, which you can access here. Facebook will let you know if you logged into the  “This Is Your Digital Life” app, or if one of your friends used the app. Cambridge Analytica was able to pull your profile info in both cases. If you escaped unscathed, congratulations, you’ll see the notification below:


Unfortunately, if you’re one of the unlucky ones, you’ll see the page below, disclosing that a friend of yours was one of the approximately 300,000 who used the app. “Your public profile, Page likes, birthday and current city” were shared with the firm, according to Facebook.

The toll rolled out hours ahead of CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance before the Senate, set for 2:15 pm EST.  Zuckerberg is expected to address concerns over user privacy at the hearing.