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How to Watch ‘Game of Thrones’ for Free This Month

There’s a catch, of course

We know: You canceled cable and you miss “Game of Thrones.” Or you’ve never seen it and want to understand why everyone’s freaking out. Or you have another unique situation that means, basically, you’re here, looking for a way to watch “Game of Thrones” for free. We’ve got you.

This past weekend, HBO’s streaming service, HBO Now, began offering a free month to new subscribers — which means that newcomers to the series can get the first several episodes half of the new season without paying a dime. You can find HBO Now here.

There are two things HBO Now trial users should be aware of, though. Those who want to stream the entire season will have to pay $15 a month after the trial ends. So if you somehow manage to not become desperately addicted to “Game of Thrones” — good luck with that — you’ll want to set an alarm on your phone or Google, or wherever you set alarms, to remind you to cancel.

The second thing: HBO may have been surprised this past weekend by all the demand for this new season. Hundreds of HBO Now users took to Twitter on Sunday expressing their frustration at system failures during the premiere, including errors saying the stream was not in the system or blocked in their region.

Also, if you won’t want to watch every previous episode of “Game of Thrones,” or you’re worried you’ve forgotten some things, you might enjoy our catch-up guide to “Game of Thrones.”