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How to Watch Saturday’s South Carolina Primary and Nevada Caucuses

From Megyn Kelly to Brian Williams, here is what’s on the air

It’s hard to keep up with political coverage these days, with countless debates, dueling town halls and various interviews across a wide-ranging spectrum of networks.

The Nevada Democratic caucuses and the South Carolina Republican primary both occur tomorrow. So, where should you tune in? TheWrap has you covered.

Fox News

Fox News will provide special live programming throughout the day. “Fox & Friends Saturday,” will have co-host Tucker Carlson live in South Carolina.

“Special Cost of Freedom,” “Happening Now,” “Outnumbered,” “America’s Newsroom,” “The Five” and “Special Report” will all be live leading into “America’s Election Headquartersat 4 p.m. PT/ 7 p.m. ET. Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly will co-anchor coverage as results roll in, followed by a new episode of “Hannity” for analysis.

Additionally, Neil Cavuto and Chris Wallace will co-anchor live coverage of the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s funeral at 8 a.m. PT/ 11 a.m. ET.

Fox Business

Fox Business will have live coverage beginning at 3 PT/ 6 ET with “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” followed by a special edition of “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” anchored by Neil Cavuto.


“CNN’s America’s Choice 2016: The Nevada Democratic Caucuses” coverage ‪begins tomorrow at 11 a.m. PT/ 2 p.m. ET, anchored by Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, live from the CNN Election Center in Washington, D.C. Correspondents including Brianna Keilar, Jeff Zeleny, Tom Foreman, Kyung Lah, Boris Sanchez and Jason Carroll will report live from throughout Nevada.

Blitzer, Tapper and Bash return for “CNN’s America’s Choice 2016: The South Carolina Republican Primary” at 3 p.m. PT/ 6 p.m. ET. Correspondents including Sara Murray, Sunlen Serfaty, Manu Raju, Athena Jones, Brian Todd and Phil Mattingly will report live from throughout South Carolina.

Analysts and commentators will include Gloria Borger, Nia-Malika Henderson, David Axelrod, Michael Smerconish, Van Jones, S.E. Cupp, Ron Brownstein, Amanda Carpenter, Jeffrey Lord, Paul Begala and Bakari Sellers.

Anchors John Berman and Kate Bolduan will pickup the coverage ‪at 8 p.m. PT / 11 p.m. ET. John King also will report throughout the night from the DC Magic Wall.


MSNBC’s “Place for Politics 2016” team kicks off at at 11 a.m. PT/ 2 p.m. ET with Chris Matthews live from Nevada and Rachel Maddow and Brian Williams live from South Carolina.

Steve Kornacki will join the coverage with analysis, while Chris Jansing, Chris Hayes and Jacob Soboroff report from the ground from Nevada. Kristen Welker will be with Hillary Clinton’s campaign and Kasie Hunt will be with the Bernie Sanders campaign in Nevada.

In South Carolina, MSNBC will have Thomas Roberts anchoring early coverage, and “Morning Joe” will be live from Charleston. Tamron Hall will report on the ground from a polling site in Columbia. Reporting live from campaign headquarters will be Gabe Gutierrez from Marco Rubio’s campaign, Hallie Jackson from Ted Cruz’s campaign, Kelly O’Donnell from Jeb Bush’s campaign, and Katy Tur from Donald Trump’s campaign.


Lester Holt reports and anchors “NBC Nightly News” from Columbia, South Carolina, Friday and returns to New York to anchor Saturday’s edition. NBC will provide special reports throughout the day as results come in.

A team of NBC News journalists are on the ground in South Carolina, including Peter Alexander, Hallie Jackson, Katy Tur, Gabe Gutierrez, Kelly O’Donnell and Kerry Sanders.


ABC News will produce special reports on results throughout the day, with George Stephanopoulos anchoring coverage from New York.

“World News Tonight” Saturday Anchor and Senior National Correspondent Cecilia Vega, “World News Tonight” Sunday Anchor Tom Llamas, Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl and Special Correspondent and Senior Strategic Advisor Matthew Dowd will contribute to the coverage.

There will also be live anchored coverage by Digital Host Amna Nawaz and Contributor LZ Grandson on ABCNews.com and across ABC News’ mobile, social and OTT platforms.


Jim Axelrod will anchor the CBS “Evening News” with updates for all time zones, as well as a one-minute Campaign 2016 update at approximately 5 p.m. PT /8 p.m. ET.