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‘Human Centipede Part 3’ Trailer Promises More Insanity, More Gore (Video)

The movie is the third installment of the notorious horror series, set to be released May 22

The official trailer of “The Human Centipede Part III Final Sequence” shows even more blood, gore and “10o percent political incorrectness.”

The horror film tells the story of a notorious prison where the warden looks to create a 500-person centipede to solve its discipline problems and to regain control of the inmates.

The prisoners are sewn together and the inevitable issue of whether they can stay alive is questioned in the trailer, which was released Wednesday by IFC Films.

This is the third installment of the “Human Centipede” films, directed by Tom Six. The movie stars Dieter Laser as warden Bill Boss; he was also the main character in the first sequence of the movie series.

“Human Centipede 2” was banned in Britain, TheWrap reported.

The third movie is opening in theaters on May 22.

Watch the trailer above.