Ice Cube Gives ‘The Bachelor’ Dating Advice: ‘Hennessy and Condoms’ (Video)

The “Ride Along 2” star stops by “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to previews his cameo on the ABC reality series

Ice Cube has some dating advice for “The Bachelor” Ben Higgins: Hennessy and condoms.

In case you missed it on Monday night, or were simply content doing something better with your time, the “Ride Along 2” star made a cameo on the ABC reality series, along with co-star Kevin Hart, and Jimmy Kimmel showed his viewers a clip the same night.

“You know, they got Hennessy over here. Now, do you got condoms?” the rapper-turned-actor tells Higgins in liquor store, but the Bachelor didn’t seem to appreciate the advice.

“I think Ice Cube and I might have different styles when it comes to first dates,” Higgins tells the camera.

Ice Cube didn’t understand the hesitation, though.

“I don’t know what woman don’t like Hennessy and condoms,” he told Kimmel.

Watch the video.