Imagine Entertainment Founder Brian Grazer Featured in CNBC’s ‘Live Ambitiously’ Brand Campaign (Exclusive Video)

The network’s new spots are designed to inspire its audience to seize on opportunities to improve their financial well-being

Imagine Entertainment founder Brian Grazer is among a select group of business and entertainment leaders headlining new spots for CNBC’s new “Live Ambitiously” brand campaign.

“Ambition is passion. It’s enthusiasm directed towards a singular goal. When you make a movie or television show you have to have an emotional destination for your audience,” Grazer says in the spot. “Curiosity to me is an engine. I wanna tell stories that elevate us as human beings. I’m in the feelings business. My best movies, people are crying, I wanna see people moved to tears through triumph.”

Tom Clendenin, CNBC’s senior vice president of marketing, says “Live Ambitiously” is designed to “inspire the audience to recognize and embrace their own ambition, and seize opportunities to improve their lives and financial well-being.”

“Whether you’re someone looking to run a company, or just looking to better themselves, this campaign is about humanizing the challenging process by providing a true glimpse of what it takes to define your personal success,” he added.

Other executives featured in the released spots include Operation Hope CEO John Hope Bryan, Sunshine co-founder and CEO Marissa Mayer and Kickstarter CEO Everett Taylor. Also appearing are CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin, Kelly Evans and Melissa Lee.

Meanwhile, upcoming on-air and digital content for the brand campaign will include over 20 familiar faces from CNBC, as well as Amalgamated Bank CEO Priscilla Sims Brown, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, EmPath CEO Carlos Gutierrez, Fortune Brand Innovations CEO Nick Fink, NASDAQ CEO Adena Friedman, Full Picture CEO Desiree Gruber, Status Pro CEO Troy Jones, professional tennis player Nick Kyrgios, Saks CEO Marc Metrick, Chevron chief human resources officer Rhonda Morris, Maven CEO Kate Ryder, Blue Bottle CEO Karl Strovink and The Copia Group CEO Shundrawn Thomas.

Check out Grazer’s clip in the video above.