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It’s ‘Lost’ On Me

I can’t invest in another series only to be destroyed when it ends

I don’t remember this much excitement over a television series since “Roots.” For those who don’t know, LeVar Burton did a lot more than teach kids about the wonders of reading. Wouldn’t this is be a great month to introduce your kids to that series? Any month will do, but for those guilt-ridden amends-makers, this particular month is as good a time as any.

But I’m talking about “Lost.” Leave the politically correct police out of this. Are you watching this series? I gave up during the first season (don’t be haters) because I couldn’t keep score. Frankly, I am amazed at the heat and passion this final 6th season is creating among a certain valuable demographic audience.

It apparently has all the elements to attract just the right monied age group: 18-late-30s. I’m sure there are plenty of others watching outside that age bracket, but that’s the killer audience every studio, film, television and industry exec wants to spear. “Lost” apparently speaks from the heart for every mythology loving sci-fi fan. Take it from a devoted watcher, hair salon owner Deanna Everson, “I love ‘Lost’ because you have to invest so much into it and it becomes an emotional investment,” the ginger-tressed fan admitted reluctantly. “It’s like having a secret love affair your husband never find outs about.” That’s passion.

“Lost” apparently appeals to nerds and geeks who have been studiously researching possible scenarios and character studies. I know because I live in Portland, home of the nerds, geeks, and everyone who is uh, creative. So there’s been quite the buzz about the mysterious Oceanic Flight 815, the black smoke, The Others, time travel (sorta kinda) alternate realities and my favorite—mythological references. But sorry. Brain overload. It’s hard enough to remember to watch Jon Stewart. I can’t invest in another series only to be destroyed when it ends. (A dream? Come on!)

“Lost” has been a hodgepodge of do-it-yourself Twilight Zone, with James Cameron effects and characters ranging from the dubious to heart-breaking. If you don’t believe a particular subplot, make one up in your head. It just might happen in an alternate universe. Or not. I’m very confused. Aren’t you?
Too bad the “Lost” viewership has plummeted 30% over the 5 seasons, but maybe this overly hyped one will bring some of those deserters (get it?) back. The audience has made viewing a ritual of sorts, according to my unofficial sources (and huge “Lost” fans), with gatherings and predictions and games. If this show manages to encourage people to communally gather for a show, at least they’re doing it in person, not hunched over a 16-inch screen.
Spoiler alert: Number 6 is really….
Sorry, wrong series.

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