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Jacob DeGrom’s Cy Young Award Win Leads to Shortest Angry Sports Radio Interview Ever

”John, can you look at yourself in the mirror?“

WFAN host Steve Somers invited John Maffei of the San Diego Union-Tribune onto his show to explain why he was the lone baseball writer not to give National League Cy Young Award winner New York Mets pitcher Jacob DeGrom a first-place vote.

The “interview” didn’t go well.

A clearly perturbed Somers kicked the interview off asking “John, can you look at yourself in the mirror?”

“Can I? Absolutely,” Maffeishot back.

“No, no no no. You’re looking for 15 minutes of fame and attention –” Somers began before Maffei cut in.

“This interview’s over. Thank you. Goodbye,” said Maffei, before hanging up. The debate lasted a grand total of 20 seconds.

“What?” asked a now-flummoxed Somers, before joshing it was “one of my better interviews.” Somers then chided Maffei, asking “Where’s this guy’s sense of humor? Taking [it] a little bit too seriously don’t you think? I can’t believe that.”

If you weren’t listening to nighttime Big Apple sports talk, Sports radio watchdog @BackAftaThis captured the moment and shared it on Twitter:

Maffei, who has covered sports for the Union-Tribune since 2012, gave his first-place vote to Max Scherzer, in case you were wondering.

It’s been an eventful week for WFAN. Mike Francesa, the station’s top dog, was lambasted for his remarkably unmoving tribute to comic book icon Stan Lee earlier in the week.