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Jennifer Lopez’s Butt Isn’t Big Enough to Give Jimmy Fallon a Clue in ‘Tonight Show’ Game (Video)

Watch the ”Boy Next Door“ star try — and fail — to take advantage of her famous figure in a game of Catchphrase

Jennifer Lopez knows how to use her booty to lure eyes to her music videos, but she couldn’t figure out how to use it in a game of Catchphrase with Jimmy Fallon during Monday’s “Tonight Show.”

In a crucial moment during the game, in which the “Boy Next Door” actress and Fallon faced off against actor Anthony Mackie and announcer Steve Higgins, Lopez repeatedly pointed to her rear end to help her teammate guess “Bottom Line.”

“The butt!” Fallon guessed incorrectly, while Mackie cheered on Lopez to “keep going!”

“Happiness,” Mackie yelled out as Lopez continued to present her bottom to Fallon.

Mackie ended up being a very happy man, because Fallon’s inability to think of a common synonym for “butt” cost him and Lopez the game.

Watch the video.