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‘Jersey Shore’ Cast Will Nyuk It Up in ‘Three Stooges’ Movie

Well, five of the MTV reality stars will, anyway

As if the the idea of Larry David playing Sister Mary-Mengele wasn't enough to compel you to see the movie …  Or Sean Hayes playing Larry.

Now the cast of MTV's "Jersey Shore" will appear in the Farrelly Brothers' upcoming "Three Stooges" reboot.

According to the comedy's official watch-blog, five "Jersey Shore" cast members are taking part: Snooki, the Situation, JWoww, Sammi and Ronnie. So anyone hoping to see Pauly D call Vinnie a knucklehead and then give his nose a yank will just have to tune into the reality show that spawned the stars.

Thanks to Movieline for bringing this to our attention — and for posting the following embeddable clip from "Access Hollywood," in which JWoww and Snooki tell all about the shoot in appropriately nonsensical fashion.

"We're still like normal people just like everybody else," says Sammi. Indeed.