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Jimmy Fallon, Pharrell Williams Are Awfully Demanding ’80s R&B Duo Afro & Deziak (Video)

”Girl I’m Gonna Get You in the Mood“ contains some very unusual requests for the titular woman

If Jimmy Fallon is the prince of not being able to keep a straight face, Wednesday’s “Tonight Show” guest Pharrell Williams must be the king.

Fallon’s and Williams’ 1980’s R&B duo alter-egos, Afro & Deziak, stopped by the NBC late-night series to perform their lost hit, “Girl I’m Gonna Get You in the Mood” — and two other eerily similar tunes. The live performances were cued up as video clips from faux show “American Power Hour.”

The song probably doesn’t deliver on its titular promise with lyrics like:
“Girl I’m gonna get you in the mood/(Gonna light some candles)/Girl I’m gonna get you in the mood/(Grab my love handles)/Girl I’m gonna get you in the mood/(I’m wearing socks and sandals)”

It gets worse:
“But before we do/we’ve got one question to ask you/Girl, can you pay my rent this month?”

Their next ditty wasn’t much better, and also was essentially the exact same track. That one ended with a request for the woman in question to plan a baby shower for Afro & Deziak’s boss’s daughter.

A third song, simply titled “Girl,” had more requests for the targeted female, including covering her man’s IHOP shift, camping with his uncle and carrying a foosball table up six flights of stairs.

Watch the video:

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