Jimmy Fallon and Seth MacFarlane Sing Real, Ridiculous Yahoo! Answers (Video)

Like, “How is Chanukah really spelled?” — Answer: “Chaka Khan.”

Jimmy Fallon‘s musical prowess is full of surprises — and questions, and answers.

The reigning late-night king brought reigning TV animation king Seth MacFarlane out on Tuesday to join him on dueling pianos, where the two funnymen sang real Yahoo! questions and their hilarious Top Answers.

This one kicked it off:
Fallon: “Can a veterinarian tell how many lives a cat has left?”
MacFarlane: “Yes they can. They need to cut a part of the tail off and count the number of rings left. It’s like a tree.”

So, you get the tone this segment had.

The holiday ones were pretty solid too, like this one:
Fallon: “How is Chanukah really spelled?”
MacFarlane: “Chaka Khan.”

And of course, a dirty Christmas Yahoo! Q&A was the only way to properly close out the “Tonight Show” sketch.
Fallon: “What is your Christmas routine.”
MacFarlane: “Take the balls out of the box … wash ’em … dangle ’em from the tree.”

Watch the video above.