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Jimmy Fallon’s ‘You Need to Calm Down’ Parody Takes Shots at Bernie, Beto and Trump (Video)

Can they just not?

Jimmy Fallon couldn’t calm down on Thursday’s live “Tonight Show,” deciding to parody three very un-calm politicians: Democratic presidential hopefuls Beto O’Rourkea and Bernie Sanders, and President Donald Trump.

And because they each lack a certain level of chill, the NBC late-night host set his mocking to the tune of Taylor Swift’s new single “You Need Calm Down” and went through different wigs while transforming into Beto, Bernie and Trump.

“And people are like, ‘Dayum, why’s he moving his hands?'” Fallon said, impersonating the former Texas congressman by using some wild gestures. “I cannot calm down. I’m so freakin’ pumped. I’m gonna beat Trump. I can’t calm down. Oh, wait my numbers are down?”

Fallon quickly switched to a balding-Bernie wig and glasses to parody the Vermont senator, singing: “Back on the scene, I am Bernie. If you think I have changed, do not worry. I still want free health care and a comb for my hair… They say I’m too loud, but I am upset about college debt so, yes, I am loud!”

Then it was time to take on POTUS and Fallon outfitted himself with a golden wig and got his hands just right before going into these lyrics: “I can’t believe I stayed up for the debates just to watch 20 losers and lightweights when we all know it will be Sleepy Joe. And I’m just like Donald, Donald, Donald, I wanna tweet now! I keep getting blocked but I’m loaded and I’m cocked, I’m gonna tweeted now–”

Oh, things end prematurely there as Fallon *realizes* he’s live and has to stop messing around in his dressing room and go host the “Tonight Show.”