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Jimmy Kimmel Gets Strangers to Reveal Passwords on Camera Way Too Easily in Wake of Sony Hack (Video)

At least he didn’t reveal their names

Pro tip: If a camera crew approaches you and asks what your passwords are — uh, don’t tell them.

This warning comes too late for a handful of strangers on Hollywood Blvd. that gave up the key to their online kingdom all too easily in a hilarious segment Jimmy Kimmel showed his viewers on Thursday.

“We need to do a better job of protecting ourselves. You know, the most popular password in the United States is ‘password123,'” Kimmel said. “As long as that’s the case, we’re vulnerable.”

The people willing to talk to Kimmel’s camera crew are now especially vulnerable after falling for the question, or series of questions, that led passwords including “Jameson2009,” “Jolie61295” and “Ireland1234.”

The national media attention Sony received after a devastating hack attack has, apparently, taught these people nothing.

Watch the video, but  please, resist the temptation to test their passwords.