Jimmy Kimmel Has Little Kids Explain Gay Marriage And It’s Pretty Incredible (Video)

Late-night host also laments the end of “the golden age of gay stuff”

Last Updated: June 30, 2015 @ 12:06 PM

Jimmy Kimmel sent his team out on the streets Monday to ask little kids to explain gay marriage, a response to the anti-gay marriage argument “How do I explain this to my kids?”

Oddly enough, most of the kids didn’t seem to care one way or the other and also seemed to have a pretty good grasp on what gay marriage entailed. Although when asked when should two people get married, one boy responded, “In the afternoon.”

One boy also said he had no plans to ever get married. “Because when you get married the other person is entitled to any money the other person has,” he said.

Kimmel also devoted some time to eulogize the end of “the golden age of gay stuff.”

He explained that gay people, especially men, always seem to be having fun, going out, dancing, etc. “And the reason why is because there’s no pressure to settle down,” Kimmel said. “You have really the best possible reason for not getting married: it’s illegal.”

But now, friends and family will be able to push gay people into getting married just like they do for straight people according to Kimmel. “And just like that all the gay fun will be over, it’ll be gone,” he said.

Watch kids explain gay marriage.

Watch Kimmel talk about gay marriage.