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Jimmy Kimmel Has an Interesting Theory as to How James Holzhauer Lost ‘Jeopardy’ (Video)

It’s almost like the game was rigged

Jimmy Kimmel bid farewell to “Jeopardy” savant James Holzhauer Tuesday, when the ABC late-night personality worried a bit about the “genius” re-assimilating to regular life.

“This guy was on ‘Jeopardy’ so long, it’s gonna take him a year to stop answering things in the form of a question,” Kimmel quipped during his monologue last night.

The “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host also shared his unique theory as to how exactly the seemingly unbeatable Holzhauer was toppled by our new champ, Chicago librarian Emma Boettcher.

As it turns out, the categories — Kimmel’s, at least — skewed very much in Boettcher’s favor.

Watch the video above. We don’t want to ruin Kimmel’s comedic reveal.

“Just like that, everyone under the age of 75 can now go back to not caring about ‘Jeopardy’ again,” the “Man Show” alum concluded.