Lisa Kudrow’s Tightlipped on ‘Scandal’ Role, But Not Kathy Griffin’s Breasts During ‘Kimmel’ (Video)

Improv with Griffin sounds kind of awesome

Lisa Kudrow is not about to cross “Scandal” creator Shonda Rhimes — even though she was quick to point out Thursday on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” that the showrunner is “perfectly nice.”

The former “Friends” actress could not share anything — besides a clip — on her “Scandal” future, she told Kimmel.

Sorry, Gladiators — the man tried. And then he tried again at the end of her late night segment — but mum was clearly the word. At least we know she’s in an actual scene next week.

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So what did she talk about with Jimmy Kimmel? The two discussed the challenges of taking her 6’1” near-adult son trick-or-treating, and also Kathy Griffin‘s breasts. (The two topics were not related.)

Apparently, while the two were young improv comedy actresses in Hollywood, Griffin would intimidate the male members of the troupe by walking out half-naked and daring them to cop a feel. This was all brand new to sheltered Valley Girl, Kudrow.

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Kudrow also dished to Kimmel about stealing her French husband from a former French random roommate … but six years after they stopped dating.

So perhaps Kudrow is not too “scandalous,” after all.

Watch the clip: