Jimmy Kimmel Makes Shaq Give Aspiring Actor a Horrifying Haircut (Video)

Best of luck on that casting call, Joseph

Jimmy Kimmel helped tourists get ready for a heat wave Tuesday on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” The ABC late-night host sent his security guard-sidekick Guillermo and NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal out to Hollywood Boulevard to give fans summer haircuts.

The first guy desperately needed one, so an evenly buzzed head was what it was for him. Not terrible. The next guy didn’t make out as well.

Joseph, 19, is an actor. “So act happy when we’re done with this haircut,” Kimmel said.

Joseph is also handsome and has a very nice haircut already. Rather, he HAD a very nice haircut — before former Los Angeles Lakers center Shaq walked in.

“I’ve never seen a barber taller than the barber pole,” Kimmel quipped to his “junior stylist.”

Shaq gave Joseph a homawk. That’s not a typo.

Watch the video above to see how truly terrible this turned out.

We’ll get you directions to a local Supercuts, Joseph.