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John Legend Seeks ‘Out of Shape’ Extras to Play Trump Supporters in New Music Video

Legend says the description in the casting call was not from his production team

John Legend’s next music video will tackle the political turmoil gripping America, but the casting call put out for Trump supporters will probably irk those still wearing “Make America Great Again” hats.

According to listings from Casting Networks L.A. that were first reported by TMZ, Legend’s music video needs several people who are “preferably out of shape” and between the ages of 35-65 to play Trump supporters at a rally.

The video is also looking for white males between the ages of 18-35 to play protesters, specifying a preference for “very short hair or short on sides, long on top.”

Also on the list is a casting call for African-Americans to play Black Lives Matter protesters and for a white and Hispanic woman to play a lesbian couple willing to kiss on camera.

The casting call also provides a sneak peek into the premise of Legend’s video, as it describes the video as shots of several couples kissing with protesters in the background.

“We want to show that there is no segregation in love. But just two human beings of any race or color,” reads the casting description. “As different protests [are] going on we will show the couple kissing in front of them to show love amongst chaos.”

Legend has made his disapproval of Trump very clear. In an interview with Lauren Duca for The Guardian published Sunday, he called Trump “an embarrassment to the country.”

“When he is criticising something, he is usually projecting,” he went on to say. “So, he calls people liars because he is a liar. He talks about the entertainment business because he rose through the entertainment business. He talks about people being corrupt, because he is corrupt. He talks about people being violent because he encourages violence. So, he’s usually projecting when he criticises someone.”

But when news broke about the casting call, Legend said on Twitter that the “out of shape” descriptor did not come from him or his production team.

“I still think Trump is awful and whoever voted for him did a disservice to the country. But I didn’t issue this casting call,” Legend tweeted. “Oh, and both sides of the political spectrum have their share of Americans of all shapes and sizes!”

Shooting for the music video is set to take place on Friday. Casting Networks L.A. and reps for Legend were not available to respond to requests for comment.