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John Oliver Crushes CNN’s Doomsday Clip With Martin Sheen’s Version (Video)

The ”Last Week Tonight“ host also calls Celine Dion ”some sort of a French-Canadian space mermaid“

John Oliver crushed CNN’s Doomsday video on Sunday by signing up Martin Sheen to make his own funnier and more uplifting farewell to Earth and humanity.

The HBO personality also called Celine Dion “some sort of a French-Canadian space mermaid” in the segment — but viewers can watch video for that context.

The former “Daily Show” correspondent rolled Ted Turner’s super-depressing Doomsday video — the package the executive ordered to play when the end of the world was “confirmed.”

Oliver quipped about the cable news channel’s archived clip: “So you’re going to wait until the end of the world to actually confirm something?”

Enter Sheen. “Last Week Tonight” enlisted the former “West Wing” star to film their own end-of-days video.

“We harnessed fire, invested languages, and engineered transparent underwater tunnels simply because we felt like looking at shark tummies,” Sheen started praising humanity’s accomplishments in the clip.

He then spent a few moments both mocking and tipping his cap to lions, being covered either way for how the end of the human race went down. Sheen drew the segment toward a close with the only images people would want to see at a time like this: a model of an old-west saloon filled with cat bartenders and cat cowboys. Naturally, there was also a cat hooker.

Before signing off, the actor gave thanks to peanut butter, waterslides and the Beatles, among others.

Watch the video.