John Oliver Perfectly Trolls Mike Pence With Gay Marlon Bundo Children’s Book (Video)

Buy this, not that

Vice President Mike Pence has a rabbit named Marlon Bundo. The bunny, who has what John Oliver admitted is “an objectively good name,” released a day-in-the-life children’s book today — but Bundo got scooped on his own biography.

You see, the “Last Week Tonight” host wrote a Marlon Bundo story of his own and released it one day earlier. Oh, and did we mention that Oliver’s Marlon Bundo is gay?

That’s not gonna sit well with the guy who feeds the real Marlon Bundo his lettuce and carrots. In case you’ve buried your head in a rabbit hole, Pence is not a big supporter of the LGBTQ community.

With all proceeds of the HBO personality’s version going to benefit The Trevor Project, Oliver promised his audience that a purchase of his print book or the star-studded audiobook version would equate to “doing a nice thing in a really dick-ish way — and at the end of the day, isn’t that the dream, really?”

That it is, John. That it is.

Watch the video above, and then hop over to Amazon or to cop Oliver’s book for kids. Seems to us like it’d make the perfect Easter basket gift — and a pretty great “F. U.” too.