Judge Reinhold Released From Jail After Dallas Airport Arrest

“Fast Times at Ridgemont High” star charged with disorderly conduct after arguing with TSA agents

judge reinhold
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Judge Reinhold has been released from jail following his arrest the Dallas’ Love Field airport on Thursday.

Reinhold was seen exiting the Dallas Police Department early Friday morning, per local ABC affiliate WFAA. According to a local photojournalist, Reinhold “was friendly and apologetic and said he was embarrassed about the whole situation.”

In a video obtained by WFAA, Reinhold spoke to the media upon his entrance to the jail. “Thanks for the exposure guys,” he said. “Glad you’re here.”

The “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” star allegedly confronted Transportation Security Administration employees, Dallas PD said.

According to their press release about the incident, officers were alerted by the TSA that an individual was “causing a disturbance” and refusing to submit to a screening at a checkpoint area.

“The officers responded and subsequently took the individual into custody after he refused to comply,” police said. Reinhold was charged with disorderly conduct.

The actor, who is 59, was informed that the pat-down could be done in a private room, but he refused the offer. Police were then called to the scene and attempted to calm the actor, but according to authorities Reinhold was “antagonistic” toward the officers.

Reinhold’s attorney in the matter, Steve Stodghill, said Reinhold successfully passed through the TSA scanner, but was stopped when his luggage set off an alarm. The actor didn’t understand why he should be searched after the successful scan, the attorney said.