Harvey Weinstein Served With New Lawsuit, Accused of Sexually Assaulting 16-Year-Old Model

By coming forward with her own suit, ex-model Kaja Sokola will not be participating in the $25 million settlement Weinstein has tentatively reached with his accusers

Kaja Sokola Harvey Weinstein
Photo credit: Wigdor/Getty

Kaja Sokola, a Polish model who has accused Harvey Weinstein of sexually assaulting her when she was 16 years old, sued Weinstein, his brother Bob, Disney and Miramax on Thursday under New York’s Child Victims Act.

Sokola was originally participating in a class-action lawsuit against Weinstein under a pseudonym and would have been a part of the $25 million settlement that has tentatively been reached between Weinstein and his accusers. But by coming forward and filing her own suit, Sokola has indicated that she could not agree with the terms of the settlement and, thus, will not be participating in it.

“There is no accountability for the perpetrators, insufficient compensation for all of the victims, and millions of dollars going to people that I believe enabled Weinstein,” Sokola said in a statement. “I know that this lawsuit cannot erase the pain that I have been living with for 17 years. But I do hope to achieve at least some measure of justice that has still been denied to Harvey Weinstein’s many victims.”

In her suit, Sokola said she was first introduced to Weinstein at an event associated with her modeling agency when she was 16 years old. When Weinstein heard she was interested in becoming an actress and expressed an interest in helping her career, Weinstein picked her up a few days later under the guise of going to a business lunch together, the suit says. But instead, Weinstein took Sokola to his apartment “without her consent,” “aggressively and threateningly [demanded] sex,” and “would not let her leave until after he terrified and sexually abused her,” the suit says.

Weinstein’s abuse included making Sokola remove her clothes, touch herself and touch Weinstein’s genitals until he ejaculated, according to the suit.

“This traumatic day has been etched in Sokola’s mind every day thereafter, and it has caused her immense emotional pain and suffering, even seventeen years later and long after she gave up her dreams of acting or working in the entertainment industry,” the suit says.

The suit also targets Weinstein’s supposed “enablers,” whom Sokola has considered to be his brother Bob Weinstein and “numerous employees and executives of Miramax and Disney.”

“The companies that employed him utterly failed to supervise him, and they continued to empower him with their prestige and resources and allowed him to find more victims, including Kaja Sokola,” the suit says. Sokola is seeking compensatory, punitive, and exemplary damages.

Douglas Wigdor and Kevin Mintzer, Sokola’s attorneys, said their client was coming forward with her own suit and abandoning the class-action because the tentative settlement’s terms were “one-sided” and “offensive.”

“While others may have decided to settle, albeit under some of the most offensive and one-sided terms, we hope that the filing of this complaint encourages other victims and the New York Attorney General to join us as we continue our efforts at holding Harvey Weinstein and his enablers accountable,” the attorneys said in a statement. “Kaja Sokola … is entitled to justice, and we intend to see that she gets it.”

Lawyers for Weinstein and representatives for Disney did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.