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Katie Couric Terrifies James Corden With April Fools Pratfall (Video)

”The Late Late Show“ nearly lost its new host to cardiac arrest

Poor James Corden — his second week on the job and the song-and-dance man thought “The Late Late Show” had killed Katie Couric.

A stunt double for the newswoman took a hard pratfall down the stairs separating the CBS audience on Wednesday, after Corden announced guest Couric’s arrival. For the calendar challenged, today is April Fools’ Day.

With the evening’s other panel participants still on the couch, the former “CBS Evening News” anchor’s lookalike was seen messing with her heels at the top of the studio steps before taking the nasty tumble. Corden, still mic’d of course, cursed a few times as he hustled over to the downed woman. “The Late Late Show’s” guests make their grand entrances through the crowd and down the stairs.

“Are you OK? Wait, wait, wait — is someone around?” the scared host asked at the taping, dropping to his knees.

That’s when the real Couric revealed herself. “Up here, up here James,” she said into a wireless microphone. The audience tore into applause, screams and howls.

“James, April Fools! April Fools! April Fools!” Couric yelled. Corden rolled around in genuine laughter and even truer relief.

Corden then carried Couric to the couch, to avoid any other surprises. “I can’t breathe,” he said, which definitely appeared to be the case.

“That’s like my worst nightmare,” a flustered Corden admitted. “That is so funny, that is an amazing prank.”

Watch the video above.

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