Keith Olbermann, Dan Patrick Cast ESPN Movie

The former ESPN co-anchors suggest stars like Ben Affleck, Jason Bateman and Ryan Gosling

Last Updated: July 29, 2011 @ 9:13 AM

After the news earlier this week that Fox bought the rights to "ESPN: These Guys Have All the Fun," an oral history of the sports network, Keith Olbermann had former co-anchor Dan Patrick on "Countdown" to cast the prospective film.

In keeping with their respective on-air personas, Olbermann was provocative bordering on nasty and Patrick alternately earnest and comedic.

Olbermann wondered at the start who would want to see it, and Patrick responded with a comparison to one of last year’s best-received films – “The Social Network.”

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“At least they had somebody you either liked or didn’t like with Mark Zuckerberg,” Patrick said. “I’ve been told they’ll look at the mid 90s because thanks to you we had tension in the building.”

They also managed to compare the early days of Spotrs Center to a tightrope without the net.

Without further ado, some of their casting ideas:

>>ESPN anchor turned late night host Craig Kilborn. Patrick suggested Ryan Gosling. Olbermann's response? "Oh boy that's a great idea but he's too talented." Olbermann then suggested Jon Stewart, who replaced Kilborn on “The Daily Show.” Zing.

>>Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon, sportswriters and co-hosts of “Pardon the Interruption.” For Kornehiser, Patrick suggested Larry David and Olbermann Paul Giamatti. For Wilbon, Patrick joked about Sinbad while Olbermann said Forest Whitaker.

>>Bob Ley, an ESPN lifer who criticized Olbermann in the book. Patrick could tell Olbermann had someone waiting and he did – Wilford Brimley. Huh?

>>Olbermann and Patrick. Patrick went with Jason Bateman, whom Olbermann said almost played him in a movie (which movie?). Patrick then suggested Ben Affleck for his friend, adding that it would be a “career-defining” moment.

Here’s the video: