Kings of Leon Not ‘Selling Out’ Earns Award

The band should be congratulated for turning down “Glee”

kings of leonToday’s entertainment industry is a superficial one. I know I know, it’s cynical to say that, but it’s true. Isn’t it? So it’s always refreshing to see someone stand-up for what they believe in. It’s always refreshing to see someone not bend over backwards for an extra back.

So I would publicly give props to rock-band Kings of Leon.

During an interview with British magazine NME, the band revealed that they have turned down several offers in movies and television. The biggest offer they turned down was from “Glee.”who would have liked to use their songs.

But Kings of Leon said no! They stood their ground and refused to sell out. It doesn’t matter that Glee is one of the highest TV shows on the air today, and that its songs have been dominating the iTunes charts. It doesn’t matter that artists such as Madonna, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Queen, Journey, and more have had their songs featured on the show. Nope, they are beyond all that glitz and glamour.

“We could have sold out so much more. We turn stuff down constantly,” band leader Caleb Followill said. I mean, he obviously doesn’t want to be lumped together with Lady Gaga and Britney Spears. They have totally different fan-bases.

The Kings of Leon band-members have balls of steel folks. Thus I am proud to announce that Kings of Leon are the first ever recipients of ‘s first-ever Balls of Steel Award!

It especially takes balls of steel for the band to say no to "Glee," when their songs were featured in a 2008 episode of "Gossip Girl." It was three songs in one episode actually. I mean, it takes someone with high integrity to say no to a hit series, and say yes to a low rated series on the CW. Nothing says bad-ass rockers like "Gossip Girl!"

But KOL showed their massive grapefruits once more when they unveiled their own clothing line in late 2009. That’s right folks, nothing says “no sell-out” like selling your own clothing line. Now you can fight the establishment by wearing your very own Kings of Leon designed hat and scarf.

I think it’s clear that there’s no other choice for ‘s first-ever Balls of Steel Award. To Kings of Leon, congrats! Not only had you showed your testicular fortitude, but you managed to keep your clean image untarnished.

Rock on boys, and keep fighting the good fight!