Kris Jenner Fights Through Tsunami of Booing at iHeartRadio Event (Video)

Crowd gives the momager an unwelcome response when she takes the stage to introduce Culture Club

Kris Jenner was met with a tsunami of boos when she introduced Culture Club at iHeartRadio’s iHeart80s party on Saturday.

As soon as the famous Kardashian momager took the stage in an outfit only Boy George could love, the crowd banded together to audibly express their displeasure — and didn’t stop until she get off stage.

Jenner did her best to ignore the rowdy crowd and managed to get out what she was there to say, even as audience grew louder and louder.

At least one person tried to come to Jenner’s rescue when she started talking about meeting Boy George in France.

“Hey,” a mysterious voice shouted over the sound system, “Hey people!” But the crowd didn’t really care.

Watch the video above.