Kurt Sutter Attacks TV Bloggers: Our Rebuttal — And His Response (Update)

The “Sons of Anarchy” creator removes our reporter from a very special list

"Sons of Anarchy" creator Kurt Sutter unleashed a bad-word-filled attack on TV bloggers this morning. He seems most upset at TV recappers because of his misinformed belief that a sizable number of them are well-paid for their opinions.

As an occasional recapper and TheWrap's TV editor, I offered these humble responses to his well-argued points. For the record, I enjoy Sutter's insane tweets, and put him at the top of TheWrap's list of 15 Show Runners Worth Following on Twitter.

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Update: In an exciting development — for me at least, though maybe not anyone else — Sutter has responded to this story on Twitter. He writes, "Thanks tim. this is funny. i've taken you off the cunt list."

Below are the tweets and responses that led to this extraordinary détente.

Sutterink: fatfuck CUNT bloggers, step away from the computer, put down the twinkies, go fuck your spouse. it'll feel better than your hand,douchebags.

Me: It's probably too early for Twinkies, even for TV writers. Spousal sex preferable to masturbation: fair point.

really, i'm not even in a bad mood. i'm actually rested. i just fucking hate the tweets and headlines from these fucking ridiculous tv blogs

do people actually pay these assholes for these episodic opinions.

The answer is often no. Most of them do it out of a love for TV and want shows to be good. I'm in the fortunate 5-10 percent, but also have to write articles about Netflix streaming deals.

  …or are thier lives that fucking empty that they feel compelled to get daddy's attention every day on the interweb.

No comment.

fatcuntbloggers. don't work out your childhood rape issues online. no one fucking cares what you think.

I personally know four people who became TV bloggers to work out their childhood rape issues online. I know Kurt Sutter was trying to be provocative, but this is very much a thing.

fatcuntbloggers. keep looking for a reason not to fucking kill yourselves. it's gonna get harder everyday. eventually you will succumb.

and the day you lay bleeding out of the back of your head with a smoking gun barrel in your mouth, will be the day i begin my salsa lessons.

When did the February-March era Charlie Sheen start ghostblogging for Kurt Sutter?