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Larry the Cable Guy Bashes Hillary Clinton, Gets Murdered on Twitter (Video)

”Asking Larry the Cable Guy for his opinion on politics is about as informative as asking Mickey Mouse for directions to Funky Town,“ Funny Or Die tweets after comedian’s Fox News appearance

Larry the Cable Guy went on “Fox & Friends” this morning to make it clear he’s not a fan of Hillary Clinton, saying she “will be the end of the country,” but reaction on Twitter is essentially: Who cares?

The comedian joked, “I say I’m a Trump man. And when I say Trump man, I mean Gary Johnson.”

He continued: “I know who I’m not voting for … Hillary Clinton. This election’s so crazy, because I want a change, I like Trump, some of the things he says, and he’s outrageous so you just don’t know. It’s like, the choice is, let’s see, ‘Do I want to poop my pants or do I want somebody else to poop my pants?'”

“So I don’t know, I guess I’ll go with pooping my own pants,” he concluded.

Twitter went to town on the comedian, comparing the relevance of his opinion to those of Austin Powers and Borat, and generally mocking his appearance on the Fox News Morning show.

Larry the Cable Guy is upset that people are calling him racist. Now he knows how I feel everytime someone calls him a comedian,” one person tweeted, while another joked that the interview advanced his plan to put “finishing touches on scheme to microwave my own head.”

During the interview, Larry the Cable Guy, real name Daniel Lawrence Whitney, admitted that he often talks politics when traveling the country but said it isn’t always pleasant.

“Here is the thing that stinks about it. It’s not like it used to be,” he said before explaining that it’s hard to express beliefs without being attacked.

“Ever since social media came along, everybody is a jerk. Everyone is an idiot,” he said. You’re always a racist, no matter what, if they don’t agree with you … it’s so frustrating.”

He concluded by saying, “Hillary will be the end of the country. That’s all I’ve got to say.”

Check out some of the reaction: