Levi Johnston Reality Show May Actually Spark My Interest

This new idea is downright Shakespearean: Sarah Palin as the new female King Lear and Levi as the modern day Macbeth

For years I have purposely not watched any reality television. I am solely a fan of dramatic shows and claim that Tivo and on demand have changed my life. Another reason I boycott reality shows is that I believe they have been the dumbing down of America, and that’s one reason that we got George W. Bush for eight years.
I will finally break my pledge to watch this newly reported television show covering Levi Johnston’s run for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. Up until now, I have not seen Levi strutting his body or posing nude. But this new idea is downright Shakespearean. Sarah Palin as the new female King Lear and Levi as the modern day Macbeth.
Clearly Bristol has wised up and rejected playboy Levi as husband material. So now Hollywood steps in and raises the stakes for Levi to further revenge his almost-mother-in-law by running for her old job. With soap operas almost extinct, this new reality show is a guilty pleasure replacement as the storyline is certainly going to rival a daytime drama.
I hope the producers have a good music budget as I would like to suggest a few oldies but goodies for Levi’s campaign. For a music theme, how about Ernie K-Doe’s single 1961 hit “Mother in law.”  Or maybe use the theme song from “From Russia with Love” written by John Barry in 1963.  Or even better how about the great 1961 one by Sam Cooke called “Momma (in law) Said There'd Be Days Like This.”  Most of all the closing credits should run over the 1939 song “I am a Little Teapot” written by George Harry Sanders and Clarence Kelley.
Just one more thing: As producer credits in Hollywood often reflect the inspiration of movies or shows, I do think that there is one name that should be listed as contributing producer.  That is of course Sen. John McCain.  After all, if there had not been Palin for VP, there never would have been national attention to Sarah nor her book contract nor feuds with the father of her grandson.  So give McCain the credit while the rest of us wait for the Alaskan fireworks to begin.