Liam Neeson’s Mystery Co-Star in LG Super Bowl Ad? His Son (Video)

The “Taken” actor teamed up with his 20-year-old son with the late Natasha Richardson, Micheál Neeson, in futuristic commercial

Liam Neeson‘s LG Super Bowl ad was quite the family affair. The hot young guy playing Neeson’s younger self in the futuristic commercial was in fact his own real-life 20-year-old son, Micheál Neeson.

Moreover, the ad’s executive producer Ridley Scott teamed up with his son, Jake, who directed the spot. Jake has previously directed many Budweiser commercials, while Ridley directed the famous Apple “1984” commercial — as well as many feature films, including Oscar nominee “The Martian.”

The LG commercial shows Liam Neeson as a man from the future giving advice to his present-day self while promoting the new technology of the LG OLED TV.

“Being able to work with my son, Micheál, has been absolutely wonderful, quite unique,” Liam said in a behind-the-scenes video, produced by LG. “It’s also our first time acting together, and it’s great to share the screen with him.”

Micheál Neeson, whose mother was the late Natasha Richardson, added, “Working with my dad [was] a very cool experience, very cool. It’s weird seeing him in a different light to him making me do the dishes or waking me up in the morning.”

Director Jake Scott said that pairing Liam with Micheál brought something special to the project. “It was really useful to have father and son working together because it’s truthful,” he said. “Authentic relationship already exists, and Micheál’s innocence against Liam’s obvious wisdom and experience is a nice dynamic contention created through that.”

Micheál Neeson will have his first major film role in “The Rising: 1916,” set for a 2016 release. In the film, he will play early-20th century Irish rebel leader Michael Collins, a role played by his father in the 1996 film “Michael Collins.”

Watch the trailer above.