Jake McDorman Reveals Painful Secret to Jennifer Carpenter in New ‘Limitless’ Clip (Exclusive Video)

Bradley Cooper returns on this week’s episode of CBS series airing Oct. 27

Painful truths will come out in this week’s episode of “Limitless.”

Brian (Jake McDorman) has been grappling with whether or not to tell Rebecca (Jennifer Carpenter) that her father not only used NZT, but that the FBI knew about it all along.

In an exclusive clip of this week’s episode obtained by TheWrap, Brian finally comes clean. Her father was not part of the FBI trials of NZT, but rather seems to have obtained it at a rehab facility. Rebecca is shocked, but she and Brian plan to dig in even deeper to discover the truth.

This week, Brian also begins to experience the side effects of NZT again. Senator Morra (Bradley Cooper) demands he betray Rebecca in exchange for another inoculation.

Brian secretly looks for an alternate cure for himself while he works with Rebecca outside FBI parameters to find the creators of NZT.

“Limitless” airs on Tuesdays at 10 p.m./9c on CBS.