Lindsay Lohan Pleads ‘Not Guilty’; Back in Court on Feb. 23

The actress’ next court appearance will not be her last this month – there’s still her 2007 DUI probation hearing on Feb. 25

Update 3:13 p.m. PST

Lindsay Lohan has posted her $40,000 bail and will be heading home soon.


In her latest run-in with the law, Lindsay Lohan plead "not guilty" on a charge of felony grand theft.  

Lohan will back in court on Feb. 23. to face the charge, from a $2,500 necklace that she allegedly took from a Venice, Calif. boutique on Jan. 22,  which carries a sentence of one year in state prison.

Judge Keith Schwartz set bail in the felony grand theft charge at $20,000 and revoked Lohan's probation for her 2007 DUI, with a bail for that set at $20,000. The judge also told Lohan to keep out of trouble and that "if you violate the law, I will remand you and there will be no bail."

Additionally, the actress was ordered to stay away from the boutique.

Lohan might want to dress a bit more modestly the next time she's in front of the judge. Lindsay showed up , with her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley close by, in a tight white dress more appropriate for clubbing than court.

Perhaps that is why the judge inside was so verbally stern with her.

Stressing, as other judges have before, Judge Schwartz told Lohan in court to remember that she "is just like everyone else" when it comes to the law. "Don't push your luck," Schwartz warned the actress, who has had a year of numerous court appearances, jail time and rehab stints.

Amidst the media frenzy that has become almost as common as Lindsay’s court appearances themselves, the actress, who actually showed up early for Wednesday's hearing, was taken downstairs at the Los Angeles Airport Courthouse and is expected to released on $20,000 bail with a short period of time

This is the first of at least two more court appearances Lohan will be making this month.

There's the Feb. 23 hearing, which make see a plea deal between Holley and the D.A., but also on Feb. 25, Lilo will be in the Beverly Hills courthouse for a probation progress hearing in front of Elden Fox, the latest judge in the seemingly never ending case of 2007 DUI.

Fox did not to put Lohan in jail after the actress, who has been in jail three times already from various violations, failed a mandatory random drug test last October.

The judge did tell Lohan, even as the actress entered the Betty Ford Center for almost three months, that he would put her behind bars for six months if she violated her probation again or ran afoul of the law again. 

Which she well could.

The Riverside County D.A. is still considering charging with battery from a run-in with a staff member while Lohan was at the Betty Ford.