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Logan Paul Plans Musical Career Beyond ‘YouTuber’ Songs: ‘I Want to Do Real-Ass, Really F—ing Good Music’ (Exclusive Video)

Paul says of a recent Swedish recording session: ”We walked away with six songs and I think a couple of them are really, really good“

YouTube star Logan Paul has delved into music before with funny songs that included diss tracks toward his own brother and Santa Claus, but now he’s getting serious about a musical career, and recently completed a trip to Sweden to work closely with a producer there, he exclusively told TheWrap.

After three years, three actively growing channels, and more than 26 million total subscribers, Paul hopes to move beyond internet success to making serious songs. He spoke with TheWrap on Tuesday just hours after landing in Los Angeles from his Sweden trip, which had nothing to do with YouTube, vlogging, or his “Impaulsive” podcast, which records its 100th episode on Wednesday.

“I don’t wanna say anything just yet… let’s just say, I went to Sweden for a reason, to make music,” he said.

He pointed toward a studio in his home: “I have a studio right there. I could have gone in there and made songs. But if I’m going to do music, I don’t want to be a YouTuber doing music. I want to do real-ass, really f—ing good music. And my producer was based there and it was nice to kind of just zone in and focus on doing that one thing and use all my energy for that.’

He added: “We walked away with six songs and I think a couple of them are really, really good.”

Paul wouldn’t name his producer. But he’s well aware that YouTube stardom and hit songs don’t always go together. Though Paul didn’t name names, the list of YouTube songs that draw as much derision as delight is long. It includes Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and Double Take’s “Hot Girl Problems.”

When TheWrap pointed out that his YouTube audience would probably turn out to see him perform music, he said, “I think it might be a different fanbase.”

He added: “I don’t even know what my artist name would be. Would it be Logan Paul? Would it just be Logan? I don’t know.”
We’ll have more of our exclusive interview with Paul this week.