Gerard Butler Runs Into James Corden in ‘London Has Fallen’ Deleted Scene (Video)

Gerard Butler has no time for cockney slang in “Late Late Show” sketch

James Corden hosted Gerard Butler on the “Late Late Show” on Thursday, where the two acted out a deleted scene from Butler’s new action sequel “London Has Fallen.”

In the scene, Corden plays a London fruit vendor who happens to see a criminal come running past his fruit stand. Butler appears and demands to know where the criminal went.

Corden is happy to help. The only problem is he speaks in cockney rhyming slang.

Things only get more confusing from there. Butler is left scratching his head trying to figure out where the crook went when Corden tells him things like “bleeding lurch,” “rub a dub dub” and “Michael Caine.”

Good thing Butler will be relying on his fighting skills rather than his ability to decipher cockney when “London Has Fallen” opens this weekend.

Watch the video.