‘Lucifer’: Tom Ellis Says Chloe Is ‘Plotting Against Lucifer’ on Season 4 (Video)

Netflix star also tells TheWrap all about Inbar Lavi’s new character, Eve

Will Chloe (Lauren German) be able to accept Lucifer (Tom Ellis) as the devil, now that she finally has come face to face with the fact that he truly is the devil? “Well, I mean, that is the big question and I think that’s Lucifer’s main concern,” Ellis told TheWrap in an interview ahead of the Season 4 premiere of “Lucifer” on Netflix this Wednesday.

“When we open the season, we realize that it’s a month after the reveal at the end of Season 3 and the detective disappeared,” Ellis said. “She kind of left that scene when the police swarmed in and Lucifer never saw her again, she took her child and she went somewhere. And he hasn’t heard from her, he’s heard nothing at all. So he’s been wallowing in this kind of self hatred for a month.”

“And just as he’s starting to think she may never come back, she comes back,” he added. “And she comes back claiming that she’s processed this entire ordeal and that she just wants to get on and work again. And Lucifer thinks, ‘Surely that can’t be all it is.’ But I think Lucifer being Lucifer is quite happy to accept that may be all it is.”

As Ellis says, Lucifer certainly likes a “quick fix.” However, it doesn’t seem that’s what Deckerstar shippers will be facing with this new batch of episodes, as the former Fox drama appears to be picking up with even more drama on the streaming platform that saved it from cancellation hell last year.

“Then it turns out that in that month that Chloe spent away, she didn’t just go on holiday, she went and she started doing a lot of research about the devil and she went to a place where she believes she could talk to someone about it,” the Netflix star told us. “And her path is crossed with a character called Father Kinley (Graham McTavish). And we find out that maybe Chloe is plotting against Lucifer to try to send him back to hell.”

Wow. OK, let’s move on to something a little bit lighter, like learning all about new Season 4 character, Eve.

“Well, she’s played by Inbar Lavi, who is fantastic,” Ellis said. “It’s a really interesting part, because you don’t know whether you want to like Eve or not like Eve. But the way in which Inbar tackles that is so charming and lovely, you can’t help but like her, even though you may not be agreeing with what she’s trying to do.”

“But also, she arrives at a time when Lucifer is at his lowest ebb and it’s seemingly over between him and the detective,” he continues. “He’s decided that if she can’t accept him for everything he is, then she can’t accept him, full stop. And at that lowest point for him, the first person that Lucifer ever had arrives at his doorstep and she claims that she can accept him for everything he is.”

Watch the full video above and check back with TheWrap for more “Lucifer” coverage leading up to the fourth season premiere.

“Lucifer” Season 4 launches May 8 on Netflix.