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‘Mad Men’ Final Season First Look Features John Slattery Reflecting on Roger Sterling (Exclusive Photos & Video)

TheWrap reveals new stills of Jon Hamm’s onscreen mentor, Christina Hendricks, Vincent Kartheiser ahead of final seven episodes

Trumpets have started to sound over the final seven episodes of “Mad Men,” and TheWrap has an exclusive first look at one of the series’ most beloved characters: Roger Sterling, played by John Slattery.

From the looks of things, 1970s fashion is in full force for Sterling Cooper & Partners, as bold mixed prints, sideburns and a sartorial thickness settles over Slattery, Jon Hamm and Vincent Kartheiser.

A second image has a more forgiving look for Sterling with one of his most memorable scene partners — Christina Hendrick’s Joan Harris, while off in the background stand Rich Sommer (Harry Crane), a wild-bearded Jay R. Ferguson (Stan Rizzo), Kevin Rahm (Ted Chaough) and Aaron Staton (Ken Cosgrove).

AMC rolls out the final episodes starting April 5, and TheWrap can also offer exclusive video of Slattery reflecting on Sterling’s relationship with the show’s brilliant and turbulent main character Don Draper (Hamm).

“I think he always saw the brilliance of Don — Don the person as well as the creative director,” Slattery said. The gig has been kind to the actor, who has directed several episodes of the Emmy-and-Golden-Globe winning drama.

“I initially asked to direct the show because it seems to be such a perfect place to learn. Everybody was so good at their job. As an actor, you realize that you’re a much smaller part of the process than you thought you were,” he said.

“It’s a relief. Because the burden is lifted a little bit. thinking, ‘Oh god, if I don’t do this right the whole thing is going to turn to shit.’ It’s not true. they can fix anything. they can edit you out of a piece and put you in from another take.”

Fans are consistently curious about the fate of Draper and company, but creator Weiner is notoriously silent about plot lines. The seventh season was shot in a thirteen episode stretch but the cable channel decided to air the episodes in two parts. Weiner got to add an episode, he revealed at this year’s Television Critics Association press tour, and appropriately say farewell.

“Thematically, it’s one season,” Weiner said of the split season challenge. “But in terms of its airing, I will acknowledge the fact that there are two premieres and two finales, and it was an opportunity to advance the story in a different way.”


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