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Madonna Turns Off Fans by Turning Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela Into ‘Rebel Heart’ Promo Art (Photos)

Singer wraps civil rights icons’ faces in black nylon to promote her upcoming album, includes message for ”Haters“

There is probably no doubt in anyone’s mind that Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela were rebels at heart, but Madonna‘s Twitter following appears to be turned off that she decided to turn them into a “#rebelheart” art project promoting her upcoming album of the same name.

In a continuation of a social media campaign in which Madonna takes cultural icons and wraps their face in black nylon, much like the cover art for her “Rebel Heart” single, she tweeted distorted pictures of the civil rights leaders.

The response has been largely negative.

“Very disrespectful,” “Wtf,” “delete this” and just plain “no” were among the comments in a long list of Twitter users chiming in with an opinion on the 56-year-old singer’s tweet featuring King, who is the subject of Golden Globes contender “Selma.”

Comments on her artistic interpretation of a Mandela photo were not much kinder.

Madonna, who is no stranger to ruffling feathers, began posting similar photos since the Dec. 19 release of six tracks from “Rebel Heart,” which will be available in full in March. Other #rebelhearts in Madonna‘s mind include Bob Marley, Marilyn Monroe, Homer Simpson and Miley Cyrus.

Perhaps acknowledging the controversy, she also tweeted, “Dear Haters, I have so much more for you to be MAD at … Be patient!”:

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