Marcia Clark on Sarah Paulson’s Portrayal of Her: ‘I’m Re-Experiencing All of the Pain’ (Video)

Defense attorney tells Larry King her thoughts on FX’s “The People v. OJ Simpson”

Sarah Paulson‘s turn as defense attorney Marcia Clark on “The People v. OJ Simpson” has earned her critical praise, big ratings and social media traction — now the real woman she’s playing is weighing in.

While Paulson told TheWrap in a recent interview she had met with Clark prior to filming the Ryan Murphy produced limited series, the woman who endured Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman’s murder trial has never spoken at length about her experience watching the show.

“It’s very difficult to watch someone be you — especially in the context of this trial,” Clark told Larry King on his web series “Larry King Now” on Monday.

“I know she’s getting it right — because she’s doing it so well, I’m re-experiencing all of the pain. She shows you what I was feeling like on the inside, that’s something that I always wanted to remain hidden.”

King also broached the series’ heavy implication that Clark had a romantic connection with her colleague Chris Darden.

“We have established a long tradition of not answering that question and I’m going to continue,” Clark told King, who was visibly miffed she wouldn’t confirm their chemistry.

“Let me say, more important was he was a partner and a trench mate and somebody that helped me get through that trial. I don’t know how I would’ve made it without him,” she concluded.


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