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Mariah Carey Wins the 10-Year Challenge: ‘Time Is Not Something I Acknowledge’

Singer posts a pair of matching pics with her Jack Russell terrier taken at “some point prior to today”

When you’re Mariah Carey, you don’t need to obey the standard confinements of the latest social media craze.

That was apparent on Wednesday, when Carey participated in the “10 year challenge” — where people post pictures of themselves from a decade ago and compare it to what they look like today — with a twist of her own.

Carey passed on sharing a decade-old photo posing with her Jack Russell terrier in favor of posting the same one, from “some point prior to today,” in her words, twice on Twitter.

“I don’t get this 10 year challenge thing,” Carey tweeted. “Time is not something I acknowledge.”

Carey’s age defiance was naturally embraced by many of her fans on Twitter, with many responding with some variation of “yaasss queen.”

Several others seemed to have already converted to the “time is not something I acknowledge” lifestyle: “queen of recognizing time is a social construct,” replied one fan.

Some Twitter users went ahead and shared old pictures of Carey  — who is nearing her 50th birthday — themselves. “This is more than 10 years but I can’t see the difference,” tweeted one user. “Timeless beauty!”

Let it also be known I will be adopting Carey’s “time is not something acknowledge” mantra myself, as I quickly push towards 30. Thanks for the inspiration, Mariah!