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Mark Hamill Unveils Unused ‘Batman’ 1989 Storyboard Sequence Introducing Robin (Video)

This rare clip from an early draft of the movie was later scrapped, Hamill tweets

In observance of the 30th anniversary of Tim Burton’s 1989 “Batman” movie, Mark Hamill unveiled an unused storyboard sequence from the film on Friday which would have introduced the Dark Knight’s sidekick, Robin.

Watch the embedded clip above.

Hamill said that he and Kevin Conroy — who supplied the voices for The Joker and Batman respectively on “Batman: The Animated Series” — voiced the storyboards for a “Batman” DVD extra years ago.

“This rare clip from an early draft of the 1989 Batman movie introduced Robin but was later scrapped,” tweeted Hamill. “@RealKevinConroy & I voiced the storyboards for the sequence- most likely for a bonus on a DVD release. I’m seeing it today for the very 1st time. ENJOY.”

In the clip, as Batman chases Joker through Gotham City, he’s joined by Robin, who appears to be Dick Grayson in this version, for a final assault against the Crown Prince of Crime. This sequence was supposed to appear towards the end of the film.

“Batman” 1989 starred Michael Keaton as Batman and Jack Nicholson as The Joker. The Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher “Batman” trilogy did not introduce Robin until the final film, 1995’s “Batman Forever,” which starred Chris O’Donnell as the Boy Wonder.