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Mark Wahlberg Introduces Kevin Dillon’s Run-In With the Real Johnny Drama (Exclusive Videos)

In new ‘Wahlburgers’ clips, movie star and producer narrates the moment Drama met Drama

Reality meets fiction in two exclusive clips from Wednesday’s episode of A&E reality series “Wahlburgers,” which just received its second Emmy nomination.

The original Johnny Drama — Johnny Alves — joins his cousin Mark Wahlberg on the red carpet at the premiere of the “Entourage” movie and makes a point of meeting his onscreen counterpart Kevin Dillon, who tells Alves that they’ve got to get him an appearance in the second “Entourage” movie.

“You stole my shit!” Alves says straight-faced to Dillon before both break out laughing.

“I’ve been stealing your shit for eight years now,” Dillon fires back before the two walk the carpet together.

Dillon’s Johnny Drama character appeared in HBO series “Entourage” for eight seasons, as well as in the 2015 movie adaptation. The series was largely based on Wahlberg’s early years in the film industry.

Watch the video: Part 1 (above) | Part 2 (below).