‘Masked Singer’: Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Claims The Rottweiler Is His Illegitimate Son (Exclusive Video)

The resemblance is uncanny

Wednesday’s “Masked Singer” is going to be filled with family drama, thanks to a big reveal from guest panelist Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

In a sneak peek from tonight’s episode, which exclusive to TheWrap, Triumph claims that Season 2 contestant The Rottweiler is his illegitimate son. Cue the shocked noises from the crowd.

“I’m so blown away, I’m still standing,” judge Jenny McCarthy tells Rottweiler, as he stands by host Nick Cannon following another performance. “That was by far the best performance of the entire show, or the whole season thus far.”

Here is when Triumph chimes in to tell the Rottweiler who his daddy is.

“So this is a little awkward, I have to say,” the dog tells the other dog. “First of all, I just, Rottweiler, I never thought I’d see you again after walking out on your mother… But in my defense you were a very ugly baby.”

Rottweiler falls to his knees and raises his hands up as if to ask God why his father abandoned him as a child. Honestly, we’ve never seen the show get more real.

Tune in to “The Masked Singer” tonight at 8/7c to find out if Rottweiler and his *father* mend their fractured relationship.