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Watch Matt Damon Battle Monsters in ‘Great Wall’ Trailer (Video)

Action thriller about the mysteries surrounding the Great Wall of China is the most expensive Chinese production of all time

Thanks to the Republican nominee for president, walls are so hot right now.

Capitalizing on the trend is “The Great Wall,” the Matt Damon movie about the 6,000-mile-long ancient Chinese rampart that released its first trailer today.

Not a lot is said through much of the trailer, which imagines a different justification for the Great Wall’s construction than the popular narrative of a palisade erected to repel invading Mongols from the north.

Nope, once the trailer’s dark, haunting music and breathtaking images of the Chinese hillside subside, all hell breaks loose. A monster snatches up a foot soldier, arrows fly everywhere, there’s a fire and Matt Damon is on the ground looking wounded.

“I was born into battle,” says his character. “I’ve fought for greed and gods. This is the first war I’ve seen worth fighting for.”

“The Great Wall” is the largest film ever shot entirely in China, and serves as directors Zhang Yimou’s English-language debut. The American-Chinese production also stars Willem Dafoe and Pedro Pascal.

After an announcement last winter that the movie would be moved from its original Thanksgiving weekend release date, the movie will hit theaters on Feb. 17.

Watch the trailer above.