Media Matters Teases Release of ‘Vile’ Tucker Carlson Tapes Focused on ‘Race and Ethnicity’

Company chief Angelo Carusone says he wants to make sure all potential Fox News advertisers were listening

Tucker Carlson

Media Matters for America says they have additional recordings of Tucker Carlson and are planning to release them as early as Monday. The new audio will relate to past remarks from Carlson on race and ethnicity

“The other material is similarly vile,” company chief Angelo Carusone told TheWrap on Monday. “The next one will help give some additional insight into Tucker’s worldview vis-a-vis race and ethnicity.”

“[We] certainly want to make sure they are released when they can be most helpful to the media buying decision makers,” Carusone added, alluding to his company’s long history of organizing pressure campaigns against Fox News advertisers.

“We’re entering a critical time of year: upfronts. This is when most of the ads for next year will be sold,” Carusone said. “Brand safety and dependability is a big factor this year. Advertisers have grown increasingly frustrated with the steady stream of Fox controversies. Many of them were predictable if the media buyers had better information.”

The new Tucker audio may come as early as Monday or Tuesday.

A rep for Fox News did not immediately respond to request for comment from TheWrap.

On Sunday, the liberal watchdog group dropped a compilation of years’ worth of audio from Carlson that documented his regular appearances on the the radio show of Florida shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge between 2006 and 2011. In the recording, Carlson made several disparaging remarks toward women including calling television host Alexis Stewart “c–ty.”

Carlson pointedly refused to apologize on Sunday evening, telling critics they were welcome to come on his show and take issue with him directly.

“Media Matters caught me saying something naughty on a radio show more than a decade ago,” Carlson said. “Rather than express the usual ritual contrition, how about this: I’m on television every weeknight live for an hour. If you want to know what I think, you can watch. Anyone who disagrees with my views is welcome to come on and explain why.”