Megyn Kelly Says Joy Behar Joking the Trump Verdict Made Her ‘Leak’ Is Inappropriate: ‘TMI’ | Video

“The View” cohost previously quipped that she got overexcited when Donald Trump was found guilty on 34 counts of falsifying business records

Megyn Kelly called Joy Behar’s joke about her reaction to the Donald Trump guilty verdict “inappropriate,” and that “The View” host’s mention of “leaking” because of the news was “TMI.”

During the Monday episode of her Sirius XM show, Kelly said the story Behar told was “from the Department of TMI.”

During Friday’s show, “The View” host gave her reaction to a New York jury finding the former president guilty on all 34 charges in his hush money trial. “My watch started to buzz [with news updates] and I got so excited, I started leaking a little,” she said.

“Just when you didn’t think you couldn’t be more upset, you have to picture Joy Behar’s vagina … I don’t want it,” said Kelly.

“I didn’t want any of the events that happened late last week,” she continued. “What’s going on? Why? There’s such a thing as TMI, there really is. It was inappropriate. She’s inappropriate. It was disgusting and no one wants to be
thinking about that.”

Kelly added, “But on the larger point, that’s how rabid [Democrats] are. Like, it literally caused her to pee her pants, she was so excited to see Donald Trump convicted. Like a 3-year-old seeing Goofy at Disney for the first time.”

It’s hardly the first time one of the cohosts of the ABC morning series has made people uncomfortable. Last week, Behar asked Sunny Hostin if the sex scenes in her new book were “based on personal experience” (Hostin said they were not). And in April, Behar and the panel’s discussion of the the much-hyped solar eclipse become one long orgasm joke.

For her part, Kelly said she was also “disgusted” that a former president had been convicted on felony charges. She told Sky News on Thursday that she believed the U.S. had now become a “banana republic.”

Kelly has previously said that Trump’s falsifying business records to conceal a payoff to porn star Stormy Daniels was “not immoral.”


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