‘The View’: Joy Behar Says She Got So Excited About Trump Conviction That ‘I Started Leaking’ | Video

The ABC hosts had a variety of different reactions


The hosts of “The View” had a pretty wide range of reactions to Donald Trump being convicted on all 34 counts of felony fraud this week, but arguably none more visceral than Joy Behar, who said she was so happy that “I started leaking.”

Naturally, Trump’s conviction was the core focus of Friday’s show, with moderator Whoopi Goldberg kicking things off by breaking her normal rule of not saying Trump’s name at all (she typically refers to him solely as “you-know-who”). “I’m going to say something you’ve never ever heard me say before: Donald John Trump is a convicted felon,” she said to start the show.

She then turned the topic over to her cohosts, asking for each of their reactions individually. Behar went first, and as always, she was blunt.

“Well, my reaction was, I was at Costco buying, you know, 10 boxes of Keurig coffee,” Behar detailed. “And my watch started to buzz, and I got so excited I started leaking.”

The admission prompted laughter and some joking from her cohosts, before Behar spoke more seriously about her thoughts.

“Everything’s rigged, according to [Trump]. But you know, there was a jury of 12. They all, to a person, said he was guilty on all 34 accounts,” Behar said. “One of the jurors, juror number two, I was reading he only watched or read Truth Social. He did not watch Fox. He did not watch CNN, he did not watch us.”

She continued, “Now, if a person who only gets his news from Donald Trump’s … social media, and he even thinks he’s guilty? Excuse me, Donald. It’s not rigged.”

You can see the rest of the “View” hosts’ reactions to the conviction in the video below.


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