‘The View’ Discussion About Solar Eclipse Turns Into One Long Orgasm Joke

Joined by Ginger Zee, the ABC hosts long for four minutes of elation

The View

You never really know where a topic will lead on “The View.” For instance, on Friday morning, a discussion about the solar eclipse led the hosts to getting derailed into a series of orgasm jokes.

Celebrating Earth Day a little early — since “The View” will be on hiatus next week — the hosts brought on ABC News Chief Meteorologist Ginger Zee to discuss environmental topics. Of course, Zee also reported live on the solar eclipse from Illinois, in the path of totality.

Apparently, Zee got quite emotional in seeing the total eclipse, which mostly just baffled Behar, who admitted she stayed inside watching Netflix during the event. So, she asked Zee what all the fuss over it was.

“What did I miss, exactly? Was there like some kind of orgasm I was supposed to have?” Behar joked.

Host Alyssa Farah Griffin smacked her forehead in her laughter with the other hosts, as Ginger Zee joked that the time of totality brought a joy that was indeed kind of like an orgasm — one that lasted more than four minutes.

“Can you imagine, you missed that? Tough to re-create!” Zee joked.

Sara Haines joined in on ribbing Behar about how long the eclipse lasted, before host Ana Navarro chimed in with similar despair as Behar.

“I missed it too and right now, after this conversation, I’m having a lot of remorse and regret!” Navarro said. “Four minutes?! When is it coming back?”

The topic did manage to get back on track though, with the ladies simply giggling through it.

“The View” airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.


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